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Our SharePoint Custom Cloud hosting services enable Microsoft solution providers to deliver custom-configured, cloud-based SharePoint solutions to their customers.


Let us build a SharePoint Custom Cloud for your business. With a SharePoint Custom Cloud solution, you can deliver all the advantages of a highly-tuned, on-premise SharePoint solution, but with the ease, flexibility and lower operating costs of a cloud-based offering. A Custom Cloud enables you to:

Define the solution architecture that best fits your business model and SharePoint application

Install custom software on top of SharePoint to create a solution that meets your customer's exact needs

Access and directly control key elements of your SharePoint solution at the administrator level

Resell your defined Custom Cloud SharePoint solution to your customers (even under your own brand name)

Receive Person-2-Person™ support from Project Hosts to assure your solution's success


Backed by a decade of hosting Microsoft Partner solutions from secure, reliable and redundant data centers, we give you, and your customers, far more options and capabilities than a "Standard Cloud" hosting platform.

With our SharePoint Custom Cloud, we extend the capabilities and customizations of a "Standard Cloud", and give you the following advantages: direct admin control within the cloud, dedicated solutions IT architecture, support for custom code and 3rd party application integration, specific security requirements and customized real-time reporting. Project Hosts' SharePoint Custom Clouds are backed by our renowned Person-2-Person support and business flexibility. Follow this link for a summary of our Custom Cloud Advantages.

The result: Cloud-based SharePoint solutions that stand out above the rest. The following tables highlight the key differences between our SharePoint Custom Cloud and a "Standard Cloud" service.

Dedicated Solutions (IT) Architecture Standard
(Office 365)
Custom Cloud
Project Hosts
99.9% Uptime Guarantee (financially backed)
Redundant Power, Drives & Network
Hot Spare Servers
Backup / Failover to Remote Data Centers
Fully Scalable
DMZ with anonymous access
Dedicated Servers (Virtual or Physical)  
Architectural Options (e.g. 1, 2, or 3 Tiers)  
Separate Dev / Test Environments (CU testing)  
Dedicated Active Directory Domain  
Custom backup frequency & retention  
Automated User Provisioning by sync with Customer's onsite Active Directory Server  

Trusted Application Support & Integration Standard
(Office 365)
Custom Cloud
Project Hosts
Access from Office on a User's PC
Approved Online Apps (via CSOM API only)
Single Sign On
SharePoint Designer Support
Full Trust 3rd Party Applications  
Full Trust Microsoft codeplex solutions  
Custom Code unique to Customer's Deployment  
Custom Web Parts  
OS Admin Access  
DB Admin Access  
Hybrid Solutions (off-site to on-site) VPN to on-site  

Security Requirements Standard
(Office 365)
Custom Cloud
Project Hosts
ISO 27001 Certified
SAAE 16 Certified (SAS 70)
Data Privacy Assurance
FISMA Compliant
HIPAA Compliant
Encryption of Data at Rest  
Customer-defined Password Policies  
Access from defined IP addresses only  
Private Customer Networks  
Private Lines and VPNs into Data Center  
Customer-Defined Security Audits  
Customer Vulnerability Assessments  

Real-Time Reporting & Customization Standard
(Office 365)
Custom Cloud
Project Hosts
Custom Fields and Views
Excel Services (including PowerPivot)
OData as the data source for reports
OLAP Cubes as data source for reports  
Direct Database access for reports  
Automatically refreshing real-time reports  
SQL Reporting Services  
Direct DB access to other reporting tools (3rd Party) both on, and off-site  

Access To Person-2-Person Support Standard
(Office 365)
Custom Cloud
Project Hosts
Support for standard services such as FAQ, Web or Community Support
Person-2-Person support via email, phone or web inquiry  
Published support turnaround times based on severity  

Built-In Business Flexibility Standard
(Office 365)
Custom Cloud
Project Hosts
Monthly or Annual Terms
Support for Customer / Partner Hosting Agreements  
Ability to request changes to Project Hosts' Hosting Agreement  
Customer / Partner can choose when to upgrade application / system software versions  
Customer can migrate on-premise solution to Cloud; and Customer can migrate from Cloud to on-premise (at a later date)  

"…many organizations have needs for deep customization, white-glove services, or support for complex models like hybrid hosting. For these customers, Project Hosts' PPM Custom Cloud offers a great option."

Ludovic Hauduc, General Manager of the Microsoft Project Business Unit
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