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ATO Assistance

Assistance to Federal Agencies in Preparing your ATO

Many Federal agencies require their chief security officer to grant an Authority to Operate (ATO) to a Cloud Service Provider (CSP) before using the CSP’s offerings.  Preparing an agency ATO may require:


  • Entering control responses into agency-specific systems or templates

  • Including responses for agency-specific controls

  • Crafting responses for customer responsibility controls

  • Answering any questions from the CSPs FedRAMP package, including SAP and SAR

  • Setting up a mechanism for ongoing imports of CSP scans, POA&M items, or other continuous monitoring materials into agency systems

Project Hosts’ compliance team has helped many agencies with these items and will bring that experience working with your security specialists to greatly simplify ATO preparation.

Leveraging other ATOs

It is much easier to grant an ATO if your agency or another agency has already granted one.  Our Past Performance Page shows the agencies that have granted an ATO to Project Hosts.  We will be happy to help your security team leverage those for your ATO.

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