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Azure Managed Services for Customer Subscription

Project Hosts provides two service solutions that together allow a customer to become fully DoD IL5 FedRAMP, StateRAMP, HITRUST, HIPAA, and ISO compliant for a deployment on Azure:


1. Azure Managed Services, which includes Performance Management, Security Management
2. Apps Management, and Documentation and Assessment Management for your desired compliance standard

  • Azure Managed Services

    Rely on our more than 15 years of experience in building, securing and maintaining cloud based applications. Our team of experts will provide comprehensive Azure Managed services that include: Azure Performance Management, Azure Security Management, Azure Access & Application Management, and HIPAA & HITRUST Documentation and Assessment Management.

  • Azure Performance Management

    We ensure your applications and workloads are monitored 24×7, performance optimized and scaled to your organization’s needs, with appropriate level of backup, archiving and disaster recovery services and testing, and person-to-person technical support required for your cloud solutions.

  • Azure Security Management

    We fully implement the security controls that you require, including HIPAA and HITRUST Certified implementations.

  • Azure Access & Application Management

    We setup and manage user access to your applications including SSO (Single Sign On),  along with general application management for updates, patches, and web application vulnerability scanning.

  • Documentation and Assessment Management

    We provide support for gaining compliance and/or certified with our Documentation and Assessment Management, and Documentation of Security Controls.  This ensures documentation of Security Controls, Procedures, and Implementation Proposals, Self-assessment support, and Third-party assessment management or support.

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