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Bridge Bank
"The Project Hosts CRM Custom Cloud solution has helped us achieve our business goal of putting clients first, and fully enabling customer relationships. The hosted Microsoft Dynamics CRM solution gives our employees the ability to better support and service clients, while delivering seamless integration with our Outlook email and marketing automation solution. Project Hosts provides all the capabilities of an on-premise private cloud, but without all the costs and complexities."
Thuy LongAssistant Vice President, Marketing Database ManagerBridge Bank


Bridge Bank was growing quickly, adding more clients, staff and locations. It was also operating multiple business units, each responsible for promoting a set of unique services across the company's client base. To deliver on its "Relationship Driven" business proposition, the company needed a centralized Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system that was accessible across the organization. The company was already using Microsoft Outlook for email services, along with the Microsoft Office suite. The IT department was given the job of evaluating, recommending and implementing a professional CRM system.


Bridge Bank didn't want to use its own internal IT staff and resources to deploy and manage an on-premise CRM system. In a highly competitive industry, the company needed to stay nimble and looked to outside vendors to provide services. It was decided that the CRM system would be sourced to a hosting company that offered a CRM SaaS (Software as a Service) solution. This way, Bridge Bank could focus its precious internal IT resources on projects that were more 'mission-critical' to the company's core service offerings. In addition, Bridge Bank needed a CRM solution that its users would readily adopt - one with a well-known user interface, logical workflow and that could work with their Outlook solution and Marketing Automation toolset.


After evaluating several platforms, the company quickly decided on Dynamics CRM. Microsoft Dynamics CRM offered: A powerful and industry-standard CRM solution with the right features, a platform that could easily be configured to meet their needs, a user interface and workflow that required minimal user training, and a solution that could be delivered as a Software as a Service solution. When discussing the need for a SaaS solution with Microsoft and the Consulting Partner that would initially configure the environment, Project Hosts was recommended as the "go to" company for hosting Microsoft Dynamics CRM. Project Hosts was selected for its expertise in hosting Microsoft solutions, its ability to create a Custom Cloud solution that met Bridge Bank's needs, its ability to integrate applications, and for its unique Person-2-Person support services.


Microsoft Project - You're Invited
A CRM Custom Cloud was created for Bridge Bank by Project Hosts and was fully configured and operational within weeks. The hosted Dynamics CRM solution was fully integrated with Bridge Bank's Outlook system, giving more than 120 users immediate access to the company's client database. The system was tuned to meet Bridge Bank's specific needs with customized views and reports. A Marketing Automation application was added over time, and fully integrated into the Custom Cloud. Now, Bridge Bank has a complete and highly dynamic CRM solution. The system provides a fully integrated marketing environment for lead generation, lead management, and ongoing nurturing programs. As originally requested, the system also provides varied levels of access to accounts and data, based on user privileges and roles.


Bridge Bank's project goals and expectations have been exceeded with the deployment of Project Hosts' CRM Custom Cloud. With this solution, employees in management, sales and marketing have immediate and secure access to account information 24x7 and have a holistic solution that operates seamlessly with Outlook and the Marketing Automation system. In addition, user adoption and training have not been an issue as the solution has the highly familiar and intuitive Microsoft user interface. Bridge Bank's "Customer Relationship" values are now enabled in a whole new way, saving both time and energy. For Bridge Bank's IT Department, the solution scales automatically to meet their growing needs and functional requirements, while continuing to save the IT department both the effort and expense when compared to implementing an on-premise deployment. And unlike other CRM Public Clouds, Bridge Bank could integrate the applications and add-ons it required.

"We consider Project Hosts as a virtual member of our IT Team, leveraging their expertise in CRM Hosting to enable us to meet our customer needs and business goals more effectively and efficiently."

Solution Architecture Your Dedicated Solutions IT architecture
Trusted Application Your Trusted Applications support
Security Requirements Your Specific Security requirements
Real-Time Reports Your Real-Time Reports & customzation
Person 2 Person Support Your Access to Person-2-Person support
Business Flexibility Your Company's Business flexibility
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Project Hosts


Bridge Bank is a full-service professional business bank founded in the highly competitive climate of Silicon Valley in 2001. From the very beginning, the company's goal has been to offer small-market and middle-market businesses from across many industries a better way to bank. One of the ways this is achieved is through exceptional customer service and support. Being truly "Relationship Driven" is one of the core values of Bridge Bank. By taking the time to better understand, assess and evaluate client needs, we deliver optimal solutions to their banking needs.


Project Hosts, Inc. is the worldwide leader in Custom Cloud™ hosting of Microsoft Project and Portfolio Management (PPM), CRM and SharePoint solutions. A Project Hosts' Custom Cloud delivers the business and technology advantages of both a Public Cloud and a Private Cloud. Our PPM, CRM and SharePoint Custom Cloud solutions benefit enterprise organizations, government agencies and partners by supporting: A dedicated IT solutions architecture, custom code and third-party application integration, specific security requirements, and real-time custom reporting. Backed by our Person-2-Person™ support, 99.9% uptime guarantee, and flexible business terms, many of our customers report that their solutions and users are up and running in one-half (½) the time, and at one-half (½) the cost as compared to similarly configured on-premise Private Cloud environments.

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"…many organizations have needs for deep customization, white-glove services, or support for complex models like hybrid hosting. For these customers, Project Hosts' PPM Custom Cloud offers a great option."

Ludovic Hauduc, General Manager of the Microsoft Project Business Unit
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