Your cloud adoption journey starts with a clear strategy and actionable plan. Because your healthcare application requires a platform that meets specific regulatory compliance standards, it is critical that your cloud adoption journey include security control implementation throughout the process.

Cloud adoption can be looked at in 3 phases. Phase 1 includes Strategy, Planning; Phase 2 involves Migration and Innovation while the Security aspect of Phase 3 is really implemented in all phases, Management is an on-going and often time essential aspect of cloud adoption.  Let’s take a closer look at each phase.

Phase 1:

 Security Questionnaire – In order to assess a company’s security and compliance posture, Project Hosts will generate frequently lengthy and technical questions called a security questionnaire. The questionnaire is derived from the leading healthcare IT security standard control families and will give you a solid foundation for cloud security practices. Many sectors regard the distribution of security questionnaires to be a best practice in cybersecurity.

Tools you can leverage – Cloud technology helps companies provide business value while leveraging highly accessible cloud infrastructure without worrying about supporting physical infrastructure.

Which Assets to keep – Any large-scale cloud adoption plan includes assets that don’t deserve significant investments in the creation of new business logic. Those assets could be moved to the cloud through any number of approaches: lift and shift, lift and optimize, or modernize.

Financial Considerations – A digital transformation goes hand-in-hand with a financial transformation. Chief Financial Officers (CFO) and finance teams need to be aware of certain financial factors while making the switch to the cloud, including how it will affect your financial condition, accounting KPIs, and operations. Your organization’s goals and financial success will influence how you see your finances.

Implementation Options – Project Hosts provide ISVs with a well-managed environment to run their workloads. We extend the foundation by implementing processes related to security, governance, and HITRUST compliance.

Raci Matrix – You will be provided a Statement of whom is Responsible (R), Accountable (A), to be Consulted (C), or Informed (I)
for Software provided and managed by a Partner for use by an End Customer.


DevOps Cloud Adoption – DevOps is a set of cloud-based tools for ISVs who manage iterative projects. It also includes tools for managing deployment pipelines and other important aspects of DevOps.