Past Performance For DoD Agencies

The following DoD agencies have granted Project Hosts an Authority to Operate (ATO).  References are available for each of these agencies as well as a number of additional agencies who are in the process of granting their ATOs.


Agency Seal

Agency Name

Solution Type


Department of Veteran Affairs

• Document Generation
• Business Analytics

Drawoop & Ordr SaaS on PH FPC

Marine Corps

• Hospitality Services
• Food & Beverage POS

RMS & North Country Business Objects SaaS on PH FPC


• SharePoint
• Accolade

File Saring & Accolade SaaS on PH FPC

US Air Force

Electronic Document Signing

BluePrism SaaS on PH FPC

US ARMY War College

Electronic Document Signing

Drawoop SaaS on PH FPC

US Coast Guard

Electronic Document Signing

Reed Integration SaaS on PH FPC

Defense Human Resources Activity

Electronic Document Signing

OneSpan SaaS on PH FPC