Enterprise ISO 27001 Compliance Services

Enterprise organizations in the Automotive, Financial Services, Manufacturing, Information Technology, Insurance, and other industry sectors that are required to meet ISO 27001 requirements can leverage Project Hosts to become fully compliant faster and more affordably than doing it on their own.

Project Hosts provides two service offerings that together allow a customer to become fully ISO 27001 compliant for a deployment on Azure:

  • Azure Managed Services, which includes Performance Management, Security Management, and Apps Management
  • Documentation and Assessment Management for ISO 27001, Custom Compliance, and GDPR.

In addition to our Enterprise compliance services we also have a long history of providing hosting and managed services for Microsoft Applications. We have the knowledge, expertise and person-to-person support services to build a custom cloud for your organization.  These custom clouds include private clouds, hybrid clouds and other solutions tailored to meet your company’s specific cloud architecture or business needs.  We are most known for our:

  • Project Server Custom Clouds
  • SharePoint Custom Clouds
  • Dynamics CRM Custom Clouds

Top IT trends for enterprise organizations point to accelerated cloud adoption. The key drivers behind the shift of on-premises solutions to the cloud are: improved IT economics, security and compliance, greater flexibility in IT resource allocation, and IT playing a more direct role in realizing business goals and ROI.  The Microsoft Azure cloud, coupled with Project Hosts’ Azure managed services and 27001 compliance services will help your realize your 2017-2018 cloud goals.

Capabilities & Business Value

  • Azure Managed Services

    Our Azure Managed Services offering includes: Azure Performance Management, Azure Security Management, and Azure Access & Application Management

  • Azure Performance Management Services

    Our Azure Performance Management services include 24/7 performance monitoring and alerts, provisioning servers or scaling to larger or smaller servers, weekly virtual image backup and restore, weekly, daily, hourly database backup and restore, managing and testing DR restores in secondary Azure data center, OS systems administration for Windows and Centos Linux, Database administration for MS SQL and MySQL, 24/7 technical support, Performance optimization recommendations

  • Azure Security Management

    Project Hosts’ Azure Security Management services include implementing and managing: ISO 27001 Security ControlsAzure subnets with their NSG “firewall” access controls, An Active Directory Domain to manage servers and group policy, Web Application Proxy (WAP) servers as the controlled front door to the Deployment, McAfee Host Intrusion Prevention System (HIPS) on every server, and EndPoint Protection centrally managed by ePolicy Orchestrator, Remote Desktop Gateway servers for secure remote administration, Logging configuration, collection, alerting, and review, OS, DB and application software patching, Project Hosts’ Centralized inventory tracking and alerting system (Admin Center), Incident response system with periodic tests

  • Access & Application Management

    Project Hosts’ Azure Access Management services include implementing and managing: Single sign-on (SSO) from other authentication systems, Quarterly web app vulnerability scanning – Monthly cloning of servers in the deployment for scanning (where scanning production servers would cause disruption), Coordination with customer to patch web applications or modify configurations, 24/7 support of applications on Project Hosts’ approved application list, Project Hosts’ user authorization and administration tool (PH Portal)

  • ISO 27001, GDPR, And Custom Compliance Documentation and Assessment Management

    With more than 13 years of expertise in securing Microsoft cloud solutions, the Project Hosts security team understands the exact control responses, technical implementations, and evidence that are required to demonstrate full SaaS compliance of ISO 27001 and GDPR standards for an environment built on Microsoft Azure IaaS. In some cases, Project Hosts may also implement additional controls required by enterprise customers to address their unique security and privacy needs.

  • Custom Cloud Hosting and Managed Services

    Since 2003, we have building custom, private, public and hybrid cloud solutions for enterprise organizations and government agencies.  We have deep knowledge in hosting, securing, and integrating the following solutions: Microsoft Project Server (PPM), Microsoft Dynamics CRM, and Microsoft SharePoint solutions.

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