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FedRAMP for Commercial

The federal government has set the premium standard for what it means to have a strong cloud security posture. While government agencies are mandated by law to adhere to federal standards of compliance, commercial entities can now achieve the same level of protection for their cloud data and applications, without it being a long, costly process. Project Hosts, a FedRAMP authorized cloud service provider, now offers turnkey federal-level cloud compliance for commercial entities — a proactive investment for your IT security and privacy needs.

The Federal Government Set the Cloud Security Benchmark

Federal agencies have long held onto sensitive data in on-premises databases. Enacted in 2002, the Federal Information Security Management Act (FISMA) established requirements for federal agencies to follow so the proper policies and procedures were in place to keep federal information secure.

While the FISMA framework continues to guide federal information systems, the Federal Risk and Authorization Management Program, or FedRAMP — a government-wide program formed in 2012 — established unified standards for cloud computing based on risks associated with federal data. Federal agencies are required to host their data and workloads on a FedRAMP compliant infrastructure, and then ensure all security controls above the infrastructure level are also in place. Such standardization has empowered these agencies to adopt secure cloud solutions in less time and with fewer costs.

What FedRAMP Means for the Commercial Market

While FedRAMP may be mandated for federal agencies, it’s also shaping the way commercial businesses look at securing data in the cloud (especially those in highly regulated sectors such as: healthcare, finance and nuclear energy). Backed by the most rigorous security controls, FedRAMP has set the highest standard for what it means to have a strong security posture. This has prompted commercial entities to rethink their own cloud security standards and strive to achieve the same level of assurance in their security operations.

Gaining this premium level of protection over cloud data naturally comes with added costs. But when you compare this proactive investment with the reactive costs tied to a data breach, it’s easy to see why commercial businesses are willing to spend more upfront to become more secure.

Capabilities & Business Value

  • FedRAMP Compliance

    Our Turnkey Compliant Cloud for Windows and Linux apps is a cloud environment built on top of Microsoft Azure that delivers FedRAMP compliance for commercial industries.

  • Continuous Monitoring

    Once a FedRAMP authorization has been granted, the security posture is monitored according to the assessment and authorization process.

  • Testing and Reporting

    The main objective of a Penetration Test is to identify exploitable security weaknesses in an information system. These vulnerabilities may include service and application flaws, improper configurations, and risky end-user behavior.

  • Annual Audits

    FedRAMP accredited Third Party Assessment Organizations (3PAOs) perform the initial and periodic assessments of cloud systems to ensure they meet FedRAMP security requirements as part of a Cloud Service Provider’s (CSPs) FedRAMP authorization.

Stat Breaches Cost
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