FedRAMP Commercial CloudsThe Federal Risk and Authorization Management Program (FedRAMP) was developed by the United States government as the benchmark for IT cloud security.  The standard was initially developed to establish a security and risk assessment and authorization for all cloud based products and services for US government agencies. Today, commercial organizations seeking to adhere to the highest security standards are able to take advantage of FedRAMP compliance through our turnkey FedRAMP compliant cloud for commercial companies (healthcare, finance, energy and enterprises) on Microsoft Azure.

Project Hosts does the heavy lifting by implementing the 300 plus security controls, minimizing exposure. We also manage the continuous monitoring necessary to gain and maintain FedRAMP compliance. By migrating applications and workloads that contain sensitive data into our pre-audited FedRAMP authorized environment, organizations not only inherit compliance, but gain a partner to help navigate the policies and procedures that protect their digital assets.

Capabilities & Business Value

  • FedRAMP Compliance

    Our Turnkey Compliant Cloud for Windows and Linux apps is a cloud environment built on top of Microsoft Azure that delivers FedRAMP compliance for commercial industries.

  • Continuous Monitoring

    Once a FedRAMP authorization has been granted, the security posture is monitored according to the assessment and authorization process.

  • Testing and Reporting

    The main objective of a Penetration Test is to identify exploitable security weaknesses in an information system. These vulnerabilities may include service and application flaws, improper configurations, and risky end-user behavior.

  • Annual Audits

    FedRAMP accredited Third Party Assessment Organizations (3PAOs) perform the initial and periodic assessments of cloud systems to ensure they meet FedRAMP security requirements as part of a Cloud Service Provider’s (CSPs) FedRAMP authorization.