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FedRAMP Compliant Websites

FedRAMP Compliant Websites(s) powered by CMS Tools from Drupal, Joomla! and WordPress

U.S. federal, state and local government agencies that need a highly secure website and CMS (Content Management System) platform can rely on our FedRAMP and DoD IL5 website solutions:

• WordPress FedRAMP Website / CMS
• Drupal FedRAMP Website / CMS
• Joomla! FedRAMP Website / CMS

When we deploy CMS systems on our PaaS, we implement and manage all of the controls required for full application-level FedRAMP compliance. We also provide Federal agencies with a System Security Plan (SSP) and the evidence that they require in order to grant an Authority to Operate(ATO) for the website.

If your agency needs a website with full application-level FedRAMP compliance, we have what you need. Unlike FedRAMP IaaS-level compliant website offerings, where you still have to put in place and manage all of the scanning, patching, log correlation, intrusion detection, incident response and other security services, our FedRAMP and DoD IL5 websites allow you to keep your focus on great content development, leaving compliance to us.

FedRAMP Compliant Website Packages

We have three standard website packages at Silver, Gold and Platinum tiers, that differ by the number of servers, redundancy, and other resources allocated to the deployment.

  • Full Application-Level FedRAMP or DoD IL5 Compliance

  • Multisite Support

  • Dedicated Virtual Servers and Databases

  • Separate Test and Production Environments

  • Disaster Recovery Resources and Tests

  • Integrated Incident Responce System

  • System Security Plan (SSP)

  • Agency ATO Support

  • 99.9% Availability Guarantee

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