Getting Started

This guide describes how administrative users of a deployment hosted by Project Hosts may access their deployment / Active Directory.

Credential Delivery System

You will be provided with credentials for the administration account of this environment in a separate email. The credentials will be sent by using a secure credential delivery system. Please treat these credentials with care and do not resend them in a plain text email. If you do not receive a credentials email with in 24 hours, please check your spam folder and/or contact us at with your deployment number. Please keep in mind that your email credentials link will expire 10 days after being sent or 2 hours after first access, which ever comes first.

Administrator Account Information

Your administration account user name will be in the format p2\John.Doe. This should be used for day-to-day activities and has the ability to manage users in Active Directory and also deployment administration.

Resolutions to Common Issues

  • It may be necessary to manually type your username and password as opposed to pasting them in
  • Ensure you use a Back Slash \ when typing in your user name and NOT a forward slash /


The portal has a Help tab at the top right of the Portal homepage that has answers to many frequently asked questions.

System Requirements

  • Microsoft Internet Explorer version 6.0 or higher (preferably 7.0 or higher)
  • Screen resolution of at least 1024×768 (higher resolution is better)
  • Ability to accept and run signed Active-X controls or Java applet (either from Microsoft Corporation or from Citrix, depending on your local firewall)

Administration of Portal / Active Directory

The portal has an Admin tab at the top right of the Portal homepage that allows the administrator of the account to manage their Portal / Active Directory.

Remembering password for IE

  1. Go to PWA
  2. When logging in the first time, click on “Remember my password”
  3. At PWA, go to Internet Options > Security > Trusted Sites, and add the site to their Trusted Sites Zone
  4. Again in Security > Trusted Sites > Custom Level, make sure that “Logon with Current Username and Password” is checked – not the default which is usually something like “Automatic Logon on in Intranet Zone”

Remembering password for Chrome

  1. Go to PWA
  2. Log in using your username and password
  3. A “do you want google chrome to save your password” dialog at the top of your browser window will appear
  4. Choose “save password”