FedRAMP High Compliant CUI App Cloud

For organizations that need FedRAMP High controls in place in order to protect cloud Apps with Confidential Unclassified Information (CUI), For Official Use Only (FOUO) data, or other sensitive information, Our CUI App Cloud is the right choice.  Built on Azure Gov, it includes more than 25 applications from leading software vendors, including Microsoft, AvePoint, Commvault, and Veritas.

New Apps are onboarded into the environment all the time.  The onboarding process takes 2-3 months — much shorter (and less expensive) than the 2-3 years or more typically required to obtain FedRAMP High compliance.  This difference is because we have already implemented the 80% of required controls above the Azure/AWS layer, and their implementation has already been successfully assessed by auditors (3PAOs).

SaaS vs PaaS vs IaaS for FedRAMP Compliance