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Turnkey Healthcare Compliant Cloud

Turnkey Healthcare Compliant Cloud on Microsoft Azure

Our Turnkey Healthcare Compliant Cloud on Microsoft Azure enables Healthcare providers, payers, medical device companies and ISVs to move their on-premises applications and workloads into the cloud with HIPAA compliance and HITRUST certification, quickly, cleanly and affordably. For ISVs, the Turnkey Healthcare Compliant Cloud enables them to allocate more resources to develop innovative software applications that can improve customer service and maximize operational efficiencies.


“With a HITRUST Certification, Project Hosts’ A6 Turnkey Healthcare Compliant Cloud provides an ideal Azure environment for Healthcare Providers, Payers and ISVs in need of a fully attested cloud platform. Project Hosts extends HITRUST certification to the SaaS-level so that organizations can secure ePHI and implement cloud solutions without incurring the effort and expense typically required to design, implement, document and audit the application-level security controls required for full regulatory compliance.”  Hector Rodriguez, Director, Microsoft Worldwide Healthcare at Microsoft Corp


  • Ongoing Azure Security Services: An Azure environment that ensures that any Windows or Linux apps deployed are fully compliant with ISO 27001, HIPAA and HITRUST security standards at the software (SaaS) level. Elements of this include: HIPAA/HITRUST Security Compliance, Azure Applications and Access Management Services, Azure Performance Management Services, and Documentation and Compliance Management.

  • Backup & Archiving Services: Leverage Azure services and third party tools to provide archiving for Office 365 email – a necessity for security and eDiscovery requirements.

  • Disaster Recovery ServicesAdvanced Disaster Recovery for on-premises solutions that support the recovery of secured data and applications when an customer on-premises outage happens at their primary datacenter.

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