HITRUST Shared Responsibility

HITRUST certification by the HITRUST Alliance enables healthcare organizations to demonstrate compliance to HIPAA requirements based on a standardized framework. When working with Project Hosts, applications, data and workloads inherit HITRUST compliance when migrated into our Turnkey HITRUST Certified Cloud. Our cloud environment is pre-audited and pre-approved by the HITRUST Aliiance, and endorsed by the HITRUST Service Provider Shared Responsibility Working Group, giving you options for compliance. As an organization seeking a HITRUST Certification, you can either:

  1. Do it yourself – Build a cloud deployment that includes the following security control families:
    •  Logging, Intrusion and Incident Response
    •  Backup, DR, Contingency Planning
    •  Vulnerability Scanning, Patching, Change Contro, POA&M
    •  Authentication and Access Control
    You will then have to schedule an audit and certify directly through the HITRUST Alliance.
  2. Work with Project Hosts – Migrate into our pre-audited Turnkey HITRUST Certified cloud environment on Microsoft Azure and inherit compliance.

The image below illustrates our pre-audited Trunkey HITRUST Certifed Environment.


Project Hosts, along with Microsoft and the HITRUST Alliance’s Service Provider Shared Responsibilty Working Group have simplified HITRUST compliance for Healthcare organizations seeking a higher, more stringent IT security standard. This is why healthcare organizations have adopted this security and privacy framework and are opting to work with our team at Project Hosts.