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HITRUST Clouds for Commercial Industries

We Can Help You Move to the Cloud

  • Cloud strategy

  • Microsoft Azure expertise

  • HITRUST compliance

  • DevOps pipelines

  • AI, BI, and data analytics

Where to Start

The most successful organizations develop a cloud adoption strategy to prioritize which workloads to move first.

We can help you work through Microsoft’s proven Cloud Adoption Framework.

We can help you work through Microsoft's proven Cloud Adoption Framework

Deployment and Maintenance?

Cloud technologies are changing constantly. Too many organizations find out the hard way that they have not completely optimized their workloads or stayed up to date with protections.  Many see costs spiral out of control or suffer an incident from an unexpected vulnerability.

Our certified Microsoft Azure engineers will continually optimize and secure your workloads, monitoring them and protecting against the latest threats.


Your customers demand that your cloud solution is compliant (e.g. with HIPAA, PCI, GDPR, NIST, etc.).  How do those compliance standards translate to new cloud technologies like Kubernetes or Data lakes?

By deploying inside the Project Hosts HITRUST-certified security envelope, your solution inherits compliance with all of the above compliance standards.  We provide documentation showing your customers how the controls are implemented for your cloud solution.

An Intelligent Cloud?

Cloud solutions come into their own when they utilize the power of AI, business intelligence and data analytics.  Microsoft is the runaway leader in these tools.

Our engineers can help you integrate these Microsoft Azure tools into your cloud solution.

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