Project Hosts has simplified HITRUST compliance for organizations seeking a higher, more rigorous IT security standard. When fully implemented, a HITRUST certification ensures that covered organizations can meet compliance requirements of the HIPAA Security and Breach Rule. This is why healthcare organizations have adopted this security and privacy framework and are opting to work with our team at Project Hosts. Learn why HITRUST is a more robust security standard for HIPAA-covered entities here.


Compliance Inheritance – Project Hosts’ pre-audited platform provides organizations with turnkey HITRUST compliance for their applications, removing a key barrier to migration into Azure or AWS.  Connecting to our platform gives organizations and ISVs peace of mind that their application is secure, and allows them to focus on developing core products.


Compliance by Certification – Project Hosts offers two levels of certification services:

  1. Do it yourself – If your company is required to obtain certification while running on our platform, we minimize your effort by sharing our policies and procedures, and collecting control implementation evidence for you.
  2. We do it for you – Our turnkey HITRUST services include engaging with an assessor on your behalf, preparing you for the audit, and creating a set of policies, procedures, and evidence documents for the audit. Then we run the audit for you so that your involvement and presence are minimal.



Continuous compliance – Any application running on our platform leverages pre-configured software solutions and cloud services. Our operation and security teams monitor performance, prevent intrusion, and constantly scan and patch your cloud environment. Our platform continuously backs up your files and sends them to a disaster recovery site to avoid any interruption of service or data loss. Project Hosts’ teams also track and record any change or incident and alert the appropriate personnel to assure compliance with government guidance and security information standards.