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The HITRUST CSF certification process often takes two years or more to complete, not to mention hundreds of thousands of dollars in upfront costs. All the while, time spent focusing on compliance takes time away from innovating cutting-edge solutions for your end users.
Project Hosts provides ISVs and healthcare providers with a simpler approach to HITRUST compliance. Using our turnkey compliance-as-a-services, you can have applications up and running in the cloud within just two to three months with all of the evidence and documentation you require.


When you work with Project Hosts, you can leverage the three pillars of our compliance-as-a-service offering:

Compliance Inheritance

Our pre-audited platform — the General Support System (GSS) — allows you to easily obtain HITRUST compliance. By connecting your application to our GSS, you gain the peace of mind that your information is secure. We manage up to 95% of HITRUST controls, meaning an assessor only needs to verify the remaining 5% — thus accelerating assessment and streamlining compliance.

Compliance by Certification

Want to work your way through the HITRUST certification process on your own? No problem. We’ll ease your burden by sharing our policies and procedures. We’ll even collect control implementation evidence on your behalf.
But if you need a helping hand, Project Hosts will engage an assessor for you and prepare your organization for the HITRUST audit. Best of all, that means you have more time to focus on staying productive and growing your business.

Continuous Compliance

Our expert engineers continuously monitor any application running on the GSS. Whether it be preventing intrusion or patching your environment, Project Hosts has you covered so that you’re always HITRUST compliant.

Take the pain out of compliance by partnering with Project Hosts. Contact our team today.

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