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Get and Maintain Your Security Compliance - ISMScloud

The ISMScloud service is a secure application that can help you manage and document the process of getting and maintaining your HIPAA / HITRUST, ISO 27001, GDPR or FedRAMP Moderate or High compliance, securing your company’s information system, and protecting your business and employees’ privacy and data.

  • Get and maintain your security compliance

  • Simplify the process with a single, organized repository

  • Adopt a best-practices approach for ISMS

  • Easily monitor progress on findings that require fixes

The ISMScloud was created by Project Hosts, Inc, a recognized leader in secure cloud services and hosting of HIPAA / HITRUST, ISO 27001, GDPR and FedRAMP SaaS compliant deployments on Azure. To help other companies secure their information management system and achieve their security certification, we’ve taken our knowledge and expertise and created a service to simplify, speed and essentially ensure that you’ll pass the certification process. We did!

Capabilities & Business Value


  • Get and Maintain Your Security Compliance

    With the ISMScloud you’ll find it easier to get, and continue to maintain your HIPAA/HITRUST, FedRAMP, GDPR or ISO 27001 certification. The system provides baseline security controls, and helps you manage all of the controls, implementation write-ups, internal audits, security findings and fixes.

  • Simplify The Process

    ISMScloud is a secure  application that includes a single, common document repository system. This simplified database architecture keeps all your documents in a secure, organized, easily accessible, and cross referenced environment.

  • Use A Best-Practices Approach

    The system enables you to get going quickly, and follow a best-practices approach. The online service is organized around each individual control, making the task of documenting and implementing your control methodology and assigning proofs very straightforward and easy.

  • Easily Monitor Progress On Findings

    To obtain your preferred security standard, it is mandatory to perform internal audits leading to the day of the final audit. These internal audits generate findings that need to be mitigated. The ISMScloud includes a number of dashboards which are designed to help companies mitigate these findings and keep the information systems secured

Why ISMScloud

The ISMScloud:


Is For…  ISVs, government agencies, hosting companies, enterprises and especially IT departments in healthcare, finance and defense industries

Who Need…  To secure their company’s information management system or gain their HIPAA/HITRUST, FedRAMP or ISO 27001 compliance

The ISMScloud…  Is an application to monitor, manage and document the process of securing your information systems

It’s Better Than…  A manual process that uses primitive tools like spreadsheets and folders and requires heavy staffing

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