HITRUST is a More Robust Security Standard for HIPAA Covered Entities

Businesses that handle personal health information need to pay attention to HIPAA and HITECH requirements. Being HIPAA-compliant is a slippery goal, though. The only definitive determination of compliance comes from a court or administrative judgment after the fact. The Security Rule doesn’t provide specific technical guidance on an acceptable level of security. With data breaches…

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The Shared Responsibility of Security Compliance Standards

An authorization or certification from a security compliance standard, verifies that an organization has met the specific industry standard for data privacy and security. Critical infrastructure companies such as, government, healthcare, finance and nuclear are required to follow various cloud information technology (IT) compliance guidelines, due to the sensitive data managed in these industries. Software…

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No Solar Winds Exposure

To our Federal and commercial customers:  Project Hosts does not use Solarwinds.  None of the services or servers we provide to customers of our ISO, HITRUST, FedRAMP, or DOD clouds have any exposure to the Solarwinds compromise identified in CISA Emergency Directive 21-01. -Scott Chapman, CEO at Project Hosts  

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Major Hospital System Hit by Historic Cyber Attack

Healthcare continues to be a popular target for cyber criminals. Recently, a major hospital system was hit with, what is potentially the largest cyber-attack in US history. The hospital was forced to resort to manually filing patients using pen and paper due to the “IT security issue”. While it has not yet been confirmed by…

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Health IT

5 Reasons Cloud Adoption has Grown in Healthcare

  Healthcare organizations continue to adopt cloud computing for the many benefits that cloud provides their organization. According to a West Monroe Partner’s report, despite popular belief, healthcare organizations are farther along with cloud adoption compared to other organizations. In fact, 35% of the healthcare organizations that were surveyed held 50% or more of their…

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Phoject Hosts

Project Hosts delivers turnkey security and compliance on Azure for healthcare companies

      A Microsoft partner for more than 15 years, Project Hosts is an industry-leading expert in Azure and a Microsoft Gold Cloud Platform competent Cloud Service Provider (CSP) specializing in securing applications, data, and workloads in Microsoft Azure while ensuring compliance with regulatory standards, including HIPAA, HITRUST, ISO 27001, FedRAMP, and DoD IL…

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