Secure Medical Devices

How Secure are your Cloud-Based Medical Devices

As companies in most verticals become more aware of the scalability, flexibility, security, backup and recovery capabilities of cloud computing, they are migrating to the cloud in growing numbers. The medical device industry is slow to migrate in comparison to other healthcare sectors, however, the aforementioned benefits outweigh the risks and experienced cloud solution providers…

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The most valuable technologies in Healthcare IT?

When Health IT News asked Ellen Wiegand, Vice President and CIO at Virginia Mason Health System, what new technologies she was most excited about in regards to Healthcare IT, she began her answer by mentioning the industry’s most trending topics, AI and Process Automation. As she continued with her answer, she shifted to healthcare consumers…

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Email Scams in Healthcare

The top cause of HIPAA breaches in the healthcare industry is due to insider threats. Oftentimes, this is accidental. Employees may snoop on medical information, send PHI to the wrong recipient, or click on a phishing email, posing a real threat to their company. No matter the reason, insider incidents continue to be the top…

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The Shared Responsibility Model

Sometimes, when information is stored on the cloud, miscommunication and lack of coordination can cause confusion. Organizations begin to question who is responsible for IT security. A new HITRUST program is offering clarity on the issue. Hector Rodriquez and Matthew Datel, published an article on the HITRUST Alliance Blog, describing the new Shared Responsibility Program.…

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Cyber Security Hindsight is Always 20/20

People say that hindsight is 20/20. You always know the right thing to do after something happens. Security professionals are no exception. They tend to react to security breaches by explaining what they would have done to keep themselves out of that situation. However, security breaches are not specific to any organization. They can happen…

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Possible Changes to HIPAA in 2019

Five years after the last major change, HIPAA could be receiving an update in 2019. Changes to HIPAA were proposed in 2018, but it will likely be closer to the middle of 2019 before these proposed updates will be signed into law. At the end of 2018, the Office of Civil Rights (OCR) issued a…

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