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GSS One - The Fastest Path to FedRAMP High

Independent software vendors (ISVs) that work in the public sector are familiar with the Federal Risk and Authorization Management Program (FedRAMP). Government agencies have long sourced cloud products through the program, but now, they’re expecting more from their service providers.

In short, ISVs must achieve FedRAMP High authorization. Fortunately, thanks to our General Support System (GSS) and FasTrack solution, compliance doesn’t have to be an uphill battle.

Why do ISVs need FedRAMP High?

Ever since the U.S. government codified FedRAMP in late 2022, federal agencies have been legally required to obtain cloud service offerings (CSOs) through the program. Now, more agencies are requiring software vendors to meet FedRAMP High’s baseline standards before receiving an Authority to Operate (ATO).

Generally, FedRAMP High imposes the strictest cybersecurity requirements of the program’s three impact levels. Why? Because it normally involves systems where a loss of confidentiality, integrity or availability could have “severe or catastrophic” consequences. So, given how sensitive a data breach could be, FedRAMP High authorizations mandate the strongest protections.

This shift comes at a time when government agencies are under constant attack. From rogue actors to state-sponsored hackers, cyber threats are challenging federal defenses and exploiting weak links in the supply chain. In response, agencies have no choice but to raise the bar and require tougher, more stringent security measures.

Accelerating compliance with GSS One

Earning an ATO is a difficult process, let alone FedRAMP High. It often takes years and millions of dollars to complete, especially if you’re doing it alone.  Plus, you must prove your CSO is in federal demand, either by multiple agencies or a single organization. In the latter scenario, the agency must act as your sponsor, which means they’re responsible for assessing initial compliance and continuous monitoring.

However, federal agencies don’t usually have the resources to sponsor an ISV through the FedRAMP process. This makes it difficult to obtain an ATO if you don’t have a pre-existing relationship. Given these complexities, ISVs seek out third-party help. The problem? Consultants don’t remove any of the burden off your shoulders. Fortunately, this is where Project Hosts can help.

  • First, we integrate the CSO with our FedRAMP Authorized GSS One Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) solution. This automatically implements the majority of security controls, greatly reducing the remaining effort. Notably, both our GSS One Azure and GSS One AWS platforms are in the process of obtaining FedRAMP High authorization. This means you’ll be able to make your own CSO compliant with the FedRAMP High baseline.

  • Second, we do the heavy lifting - our team completely manages the FedRAMP audit, agency ATO process, and FedRAMP authorization. Our Compliance-as-a-Service includes creating a set of policies and procedures - writing your SSP, managing documentation, evidence collection, and engaging with an assessor on your behalf to coordinate and represent you during the audit. Project Hosts provides services to implement and fully manage compliance, ensuring your solution passes required security audits and obtains a certification (or authorization) of compliance.

  • Third, we continuously monitor your solution to ensure it maintains compliance. Our operations and security teams monitor performance, SIEM logs and alerts, prevent intrusions, and we provide the ongoing scanning and patching of your cloud environment. Our teams also track, test and approve any changes within the environment. We investigate and document incidents to alert the appropriate personnel to ensure compliance with government guidance and information security and regulatory standards.

Project Hosts is the #1 PaaS supporting SaaS vendors. As a recognized leader we can leverage our experience and reputation in the public sector to help you navigate the path to FedRAMP High.

Ready to simplify compliance? Learn more about our FedRAMP solutions.



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