Start Selling to Federal in 2-3 Months

If your application is not multi-tenant – each agency is deployed on dedicated virtual servers or PaaS services – a separate SaaS authorization is not required for FedRAMP compliance. But your agency customer will need to validate that SaaS-level controls are in place. We can give them the evidence they need in 2-3 months.
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Powered by Our PaaS

The reason we can get you there in 6 months is because our PaaS fully takes care of 86% of all FedRAMP controls. We also manage the SaaS-level controls for you.
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Healthcare ISV, Federal ISV

Turnkey Solution

We create your SaaS-level security documentation and get your agency all of the evidence they need to verify FedRAMP compliance.
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Your Role is Clear

After taking many software vendors through the process, we have honed exactly what you need to do, so your role is clear.
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Azure Managed Services

Want a full FedRAMP SaaS Authorization?

If you want to offer a multi-tenant SaaS service to the government or you want to be listed on, we have the fastest and easiest process to get you a FedRAMP SaaS authorization.
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