StateRAMP Whitepaper

As a rigorous framework, StateRAMP can be difficult, costly, and time-consuming to achieve. Yet, it’s increasingly expected that ISVs follow this approach to cloud security. This begs the question: Why is StateRAMP necessary for state and local governments? And why should your application become StateRAMP compliant?

This white paper examines these questions while walking you through the purpose of StateRAMP. We’ll discuss the requirements of StateRAMP verification and what you need to simplify the compliance process as you break into the state and local markets.

Streamline Compliance with Project Hosts

When you work with Project Hosts, you gain immediate access to a team of expert engineers who can manage compliance on your behalf. In turn, you can stay ahead of changing StateRAMP requirements, eliminate the risk of deauthorization and devote your time and energy toward what matters most: The continued growth and success of your business.

Altogether, Project Hosts is here to help you simplify compliance and capitalize on the emerging state and local government market.