Why Project Hosts

If you are a software vendor and your business plan is to penetrate the Federal and DoD marketplace, consider Project Hosts’ Federal Private Cloud. To sell into the Federal and DoD market, you will need your application to be FedRAMP or DoD compliant. This process is very difficult and costly on your own. Project Hosts has already completed the process and you can utilize our knowledge, expertise and certifications.

If you are an agency that needs to deploy an application and meet the cloud first initiatives, you should use Project Hosts’ Federal Private Cloud. Project Hosts can quickly take the application if currently unapproved through a certification process so that you can move to production quickly and with a full ATO package assessed and ready for internal review.

If you are an SI or developer and are deploying applications for an agency and need to have your work hosted, you should use Project Hosts’ Federal Private Cloud. You need to focus on your mission and not have to figure out how to add compliance or do an RMF package which is out of scope of your normal duties.

FedRAMP SaaS Authorization

If you want to offer a multi-tenant SaaS service to the government or you want to be listed on FedRAMP.gov, we have the fastest and easiest process to get you a FedRAMP SaaS authorization.
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FedRAMP Compliance on your own

Deploying on a FedRAMP compliant IaaS (e.g. Azure, AWS), gives you 16% of FedRAMP compliance. You are responsible for putting in place the other 84% of controls. You will then be required to have them assessed and approved by your CIO office.  Establish a team to manage ongoing compliance, scanning, patching, logging, incident response, etc, all before you can begin using the system.

With our Federal Security Envelope, you will be placed in our Federal Private Cloud, which is a turnkey solution, covering the 86% of the necessary controls above the Infrastructure level as well as the ongoing scanning, patching, encryption, authentication, logging, reviewing, DR, incident response etc.

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