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Audit Ready in 2 Months

The Expensive and Risky Path

There are a number of consulting firms that can help you get your SaaS solution prepared for a FedRAMP audit.  The ones offering the fastest solutions typically charge exorbitant fees and require you to incorporate their technologies (or other third-party technologies) into your solution.  None of the consulting firms have received a FedRAMP authorization for their technologies, so it is up to you to get those technologies through your FedRAMP SaaS audit.  The consulting firms typically offer ongoing services to help you with those products, but in the end, it is up to you to get them through the audit and manage them on an ongoing basis.  That means that your people have to become experts on those technologies.  Also, the FedRAMP PMO is continuously updating its requirements for each technology in your SaaS solution, and those non-FedRAMP-authorized technologies can easily become non-compliant.  That leaves you in a difficult position.  A number of our SaaS partners started with these consultants, and then came to us after having a terrible (and expensive) experience.

Project Hosts has a different approach.  AWS and Microsoft Azure give you 20% of FedRAMP compliance out of the box.  We have built a platform on Microsoft Azure that gets you 80% of FedRAMP compliance out of the box.  Our platform is FedRAMP authorized with dozens of ATOs from Federal agencies.  Yes, our platform integrates third-party technologies required for compliance.  The difference is that since the technologies are part of our authorized platform, it is our responsibility to make sure they are continually updated and remain FedRAMP compliant, not yours.  Also, since we have dozens of SaaS packages running on our platform, we get audited and go in front of the FedRAMP PMO many times per year, so we get an early warning about changed requirements and are able to implement solutions before compliance becomes a problem.  Finally, we not only tell you how to implement the last 20% needed for compliance of your SaaS solution, we actually do it for you and manage that SaaS-level compliance on an ongoing basis.

With the FedRAMP FasTrack, we will have your SaaS solution audit-ready within two months.  Then we will take you to the next step, the FedRAMP Ready audit.

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