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What is FedRAMP?

What is FedRAMP?

FedRAMP is an assessment and authorization process the U.S. federal agencies use to ensure proper security controls are in place when accessing cloud computing products and services.

Getting FedRAMP Authorized
State Federal Building

Getting FedRAMP Authorized

A FedRAMP authorization allows you to deploy your SaaS in a multi-tenant environment so you are able to serve multiple federal agencies.  Authorization requires an agency sponsor and can take years and a significant investment - Project Hosts FasTrack can get you there in 9 months for a fraction of the cost.

Other FedRAMP Compliance Solutions

Other FedRAMP Compliance Solutions

Project Hosts FedRAMP solutions are centered on your most pressing business challenges. 

Dedicated Solutions for Agencies

Obtaining an agency ATO for your SaaS without a FedRAMP audit.


FedRAMP Ready

Getting on the FedRAMP Marketplace with FedRAMP Ready


Milestone Program/Compliance Readiness

A Project Hosts exclusive program – leveraging our PaaS to achieve Compliance Readiness.


Gap Analysis

Identifying “gaps” in deployment of your SaaS that would prevent a FedRAMP authorization.


Securing Agency Sponsor

Facilitating the securing of an Agency Sponsor.

Data Center
Rev 5

FedRAMP Rev. 5 Simplified

It’s been three years since the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) unveiled the fifth iteration of Special Publication (SP) 800-53. As the basis for the Federal Risk and Authorization Management Program’s (FedRAMP) rigorous security framework, this update has significant implications for cloud service providers (CSPs) that work with the federal government. 


Now, CSPs finally have what they’ve been waiting for. In May 2023, the FedRAMP Project Management Office (PMO) approved and released the fifth version of its baseline security controls, known simply as FedRAMP Rev. 5. In turn, the PMO issued guidelines for when and how CSPs must achieve Rev. 5 compliance.


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FedRAMP Compliance

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