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Getting FedRAMP Authorized

Options for Achieving Authorization

There are three ways to obtain a FedRAMP authorization:

  1. Manage the process yourself.

  2. Hire a consultant or advisor.

  3. Leverage the experts at Project Hosts


The FedRAMP authorization process is highly specialized and difficult to navigate, with many hidden barriers and complications that can derail your effort.  So, managing the process yourself usually requires hiring a team of experts who have experience achieving a FedRAMP authorization. Some hire consultants and leverage their existing team to take on the additional work-effort however the burden of successfully navigating the process still ultimately relies on you.  Often a well-intended 12-month Authorization process turns into 18-24 months and drive unexpected costs and create a burden on internal resources.


Project Hosts is the most reliable route for achieving authorization quickly, efficiently and economically.  We operate as an extension of your team and take over the effort and do it for you. Teaming with Project Hosts is the fastest, most economical, and least risky way to achieve a FedRAMP authorization. 


Speed to Authorization

Project Hosts can get you to a FedRAMP authorization in as little as 9 months, much faster than other alternatives. Why is the Project Hosts option so much faster?  Three reasons:

  1. The GSS One PaaS

  2. The FasTrack process

  3. Proven Expertise


The GSS One PaaS

Project Hosts will onboard your SaaS solution with the Project Hosts GSS One PaaS.  Once you are deployed in our Authorized PaaS your SaaS solution immediately inherits a majority of the security controls required for FedRAMP compliance.  Since the GSS One is already FedRAMP Authorized this inheritance means those control implementations do not need to be re-examined, assessed and approved by your auditor, agency customers or the FedRAMP PMO which simplifies and reduces workload by allowing them to focus on the application specific controls. This makes things considerably easier for them, simplifying and speeding up the process.   


The FasTrack Process

Project Hosts is the #1 PaaS for FedRAMP Authorizations supporting SaaS solutions.  Our experience from managing the FedRAMP process for dozens of SaaS solutions, has allowed Project Hosts to develop a FasTrack to authorization.  FasTrack is the Project Hosts recipe for success delivering the internal systems experience and proven methodology to efficiently navigate the FedRAMP process.


We know the hidden barriers and complications; we know the FedRAMP PMO’s latest “hot buttons” about solution architecture; we know where delays are most likely to crop up and how to avoid them.  The biggest delays are usually caused by surprises from 3PAO auditors, agency sponsors, or the FedRAMP PMO.  Since we manage dozens of SaaS solutions, the auditors and FedRAMP PMO are very familiar with how we do things and have approved our architectures, controls and processes many times.  The same holds true for the dozens of agencies that have granted ATOs to SaaS solutions we manage.  Since the key stakeholders all approve of our processes, our FasTrack avoids delays and surprises delivering a smooth process for our customers.


Unmatched Expertise

Project Hosts is the recognized leader in delivering high performance, secure and FedRAMP certified compliant cloud-based solutions.  We implement the most rigorous cloud security standards including FedRAMP, DoD IL2/4/5, HIPAA, HITRUST, and ISO 27001.  With over 19 years of experience we have established ourselves as a trusted and reliable partner.

Our work with Agencies, DoD, 3PAO’s and FedRAMP have optimized our skills, helped define our processes, and allowed us to stay ahead of the game to ensure we consistently exceed expectations. Auditors, agency assessors, and the FedRAMP PMO consistently support our model and endorse how easy we are to work with – “Project Hosts process is more buttoned up and well-prepared than anyone else we see.  Consequently, Project Hosts is able to get packages through the assessments much more quickly.” – Agency Sponsor. 

As the #1 PaaS supporting SaaS vendors on the FedRAMP Marketplace and over 35 Agencies using our GSS One we continue to be the preferred choice for those seeking superior services and industry expertise.

If you are considering a FedRAMP Authorization contact Project Hosts, we are interested to learn more about your initiative.

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