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HITRUST Onboarding & Standard Operation Procedures

Project Hosts works with our partners every step of the way to make sure they are deploying their applications in a secure way in alignment with legal, regulatory and contractual requirements. Below is the table of contents for our HITRUST Onboarding and Standard Operation Procedures. The complete document is available by filling out the form to the right.

Table of Contents

The Project Hosts advantage:2

Deployment delivery and next steps:2

Accessing the environment for administrators:4

Managing accounts in the portal for partner users:7

Accessing the environment for non-privileged users:9

Software installation and prerequisites for approval:10

Installing the Application in production for customer use:13

Requesting changes to the test or production environment:13

Maintenance and monthly vulnerability scanning:13

Personnel security requirements:14

Configuring ADFS Federation/SSO into the environment:15

Customers with Azure access:16

Accessing Azure:17

Deploying using automated tools:22

Deploying the application in your own subscription:22

Initiating a support request:24

Container usage and approval process:24

Compliance requirements:25

Appendix A: Account types:26

Appendix B: Required documentation:27

Appendix C: Smart card registration authority and issuance requirements:28

Appendix D: Reporting security incidents:29

Appendix E: Identification and Authentication/password requirements for applications not authenticated by Project Hosts SSO:29

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