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ISV Program for Microsoft

Getting Your App FedRAMP Compliant At The SaaS-level

Project Hosts has FedRAMP ISV Programs for Microsoft ISVs and Salesforce ISVs, enabling them to offer their solutions as a FedRAMP compliant cloud service. In addition, Project Hosts has a FedRAMP Agency Authorization Program that is targeted directly to U.S. Government Agencies who want to deploy and manage their own FedRAMP-approved Cloud Solutions. By partnering with Project Hosts, agencies can get their own “Authority To Operate” credentials.

On Your Own: 1-2 Years, $1-2 Million

If you are considering getting your applications FedRAMP authorized, you are facing a long and an expensive process. Having been through this process ourselves, and by working with more than 17 ISVs, we know that the FedRAMP process can take you anywhere from 1 to 2 years, and cost upwards of 1 million to 2 million dollars if you do it yourself. For example, for you to get a FedRAMP Moderate authorization you’ll need to:

  • Hire or contract FedRAMP experts for the entire process

  • Implement the balance of 231 security controls that are not implemented at the software level by Azure (Azure IaaS/PaaS covers 94/130 out of a total of 325 FedRAMP Moderate controls)

  • Undergo a FedRAMP Readiness Assessment

  • Secure a US Government Agency Sponsor (or the JAB)

  • Develop all the documentation (typically more than 800 Pages) to be approved by Agency (or the JAB) Contract for a 3PAO Assessment

  • Secure the US Government Agency authorization (ATO)

With Us: A Much Faster and Affordable Option

You can dramatically reduce the time and expense of delivering your application from a FedRAMP authorized cloud by working with Project Hosts.

  • We’ll perform all the steps necessary to ensure that your application is approved to run in a FedRAMP authorized cloud at all levels: Moderate, High and DoD CC SRG IL 4/5.

  • We get ISV applications implemented, documented, and assessed in a FedRAMP authorized cloud within 2 months, and at a fraction of the cost of doing it on your own.

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