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Azure Healthcare Partner

Our primary focus is security and compliance (HIPAA, HITRUST), ensuring that your PHI and PII remain private.


Azure offers security and compliance at the infrastructure level. As an Azure healthcare partner, Project Hosts builds on top of Azure’s infrastructure to provide PaaS and SaaS-level security, and both HIPAA and HITRUST compliance.

Azure Managed Services and Support

Project Hosts provides a complete migration plan for software vendors migrating from on-premises, or another cloud platform onto Microsoft Azure. Companies planning to leverage Azure cloud to create new services and revenue streams partner with Project Hosts as well. For example, Fresenius was interested in working with a Cloud Service Provider that was also an Azure Healthcare Partner. They required an organization that could build a cloud environment on Azure and ensures security and compliance for their global home dialysis solution. Because the healthcare application involved Protected Health information (PHI) and Personal Identifiable Information (PII) in the cloud, the environment had to be HIPAA compliant. To accomplish this goal, Project Hosts, acting as an extension of the Fresenius IT department, built their deployment in our pre-audited turnkey healthcare compliant cloud on Microsoft Azure. By doing so, they were able to inherit compliance, saving both time and money.  Leaving the provisioning, continuous monitoring, security, and compliance to Project Hosts allowed them to focus on mission-critical development tasks.

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