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Cloud Compliance-as-a-Service for Healthcare ISVs

Project Hosts offers Cloud Compliance-as-a-Service (CaaS) for ISVs that provide the healthcare industry with cloud-based applications.


We focus on 3 specific pain points

Compliance-as-a-Service – You can dedicate your resources to application development and inherit security and compliance by simply running in our cloud platform. Should you choose to go through certification yourself, we will support you by sharing our policies and procedure and with evidence collection. Staying compliant is imperative. We will monitor your deployment and assure continuous compliance in both scenarios.

RACI Matrix – CSPs and ISVs work together to deliver great services and end grey areas where it is sometimes not clear who is responsible for a specific task, let alone in a shared responsibility operating model. To avoid conflicts, we share and communicate a very coherent RACI Matrix with our ISV customers.

Cloud adoption journey – We support our ISVs every step of the way. We can perform lift and shift migration or support a hybrid cloud topology should they choose to keep their data centers. We can help them evaluate their financial and technical considerations in case they choose the cloud DevOps route. We can also propose different implementation options to help ISVs choose the right operating model. As part of our service, we share our policies and procedures associated with running in the cloud in a secure and compliant fashion and collect evidence to show that.

3 Pillars

Compliance Services

RACI Matrix

RACI Matrix

Cloud Server

Cloud Adoption Framework

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