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FedRAMP Cloud Solutions

Project Hosts’ FedRAMP authorized Federal Private Cloud (FPC) implements turnkey security and compliance on Azure for US Federal government applications. See our listing here.


Turnkey compliance is why: (22) agencies and (19) software vendors have deployed their applications in the FPC.

A Full Service PaaS

When an agency brings an application into the FPC PaaS, the application immediately inherits full compliance with 86% of all FedRAMP controls. This compares to the 16% compliance an application would inherit if they deployed in their own Azure or AWS subscription.


Turnkey App Services Above the PaaS

Project Hosts also provides additional application-specific services above the PaaS layer. These include creation of an application-specific SSP and POA&M, monthly vulnerability scanning and patching, and annual penetration testing by a 3PAO. The result is turnkey FedRAMP compliance at the application level.


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