FedRAMP Compliant Azure Clouds

FedRAMP is a U.S. government-wide program that provides a standardized approach to security assessment, authorization and continuous monitoring for cloud products and services. The program was developed to significantly reduce the effort and expense that would be incurred by government agencies to achieve high-level standards for securing government data.

Project Hosts is a FedRAMP authorized CSP that Federal Government agencies and ISVs, rely upon to achieve FedRAMP cloud compliance for their applications. Our Federal Private Cloud for Windows and Linux apps is a turnkey security environment built on top of Azure that delivers compliance at the FedRAMP and DoD IL 5 levels. With this security environment and our managed services process, we can get your application up and running in a FedRAMP compliant cloud quickly, easily, and cost-effectively.  Click here for our full line of FedRAMP Security Services.

Significant Time and Expense Savings

As a government agency or app provider, if you are considering getting your applications FedRAMP authorized, you are facing a long and expensive process. Having been through this process ourselves and by working with more than 20 ISVs, we know that the FedRAMP process can take you anywhere from 1 to 2 years, and cost upwards of 1 million to 2 million dollars if you do it yourself. You can dramatically reduce the time and expense of delivering your application from a FedRAMP authorized cloud by working with Project Hosts. We can typically achieve a FedRAMP authorization in as little as 2 months, at a fraction of the cost of doing it on your own. Project Host’s Federal Private Cloud supports applications from leading software vendors.

Capabilities & Business Value

  • Getting To FedRAMP - A Faster, Easier, & Less Costly Approach

    Gain your FedRAMP SaaS-level compliance in record time, at a faction of the costs of doing it yourself with Project Hosts’ Federal Private Cloud and Managed Services.

  • Achieve SaaS-level Authorization - Extend Azure's IaaS and PaaS Compliance

    Extend Azure’s IaaS and PaaS FedRAMP compliance and gain full SaaS-level FedRAMP compliance at the DoD IL 5 levels.

  • Slash Compliance Time - go from a year or more to months

    Doing FedRAMP SaaS-level authorization on your own could take 1 to 2 years, working with Project Hosts we can get you into a FedRAMP-compliant environment in as little as 2 months.

  • Slash Authorization Expenses - it could cost you millions, with us you'll pay a small fraction of that

    The FedRAMP process can cost upwards of 1 million to 2 million dollars if you do it yourself.  You can dramatically reduce the time and expense of delivering your application from a FedRAMP authorized cloud by working with Project Hosts.

  • Leverage Our pre-Authorized Solutions - choose from over 17 applications in our FedRAMP cloud

    Gain access to the more than 17 applications already in our Federal Private Cloud that are FedRAMP authorized at the SaaS-level.

  • Sell To Government Agencies - ISVs can extend their reach and revenue

    By partnering with Project Hosts, ISVs can deliver their Windows (and Linux) applications as a FedRAMP authorized cloud service much faster, and more affordably than doing it on their own.

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FedRAMP Compliant Applications in Project Hosts' Federal Private Cloud

The following ISV Applications are available as a FedRAMP SaaS-Level Compliant cloud service in Project Hosts’ Federal Private Cloud.

  • AvePoint – SharePoint governance, compliance, and management
  • Birst – Networked Business Intelligence and Data Analytics
  • BrightWork – Project & Portfolio Management on SharePoint
  • CheckMarx – CxSAST Static Code Analysis
  • Commvault – End Point Protection
  • Drawloop – Salesforce Document Generation System
  • Drupal – Website Hosting and Content Management System
  • DSI AEON – Secure business process automation and management platform
  • Dynamics CRM (Microsoft) – Advanced Customer Relationship Management
  • eSignLive – Comprehensive E-signature Solution
  • FlowVU – Secure Collaboration Solutions
  • Joomla! – Website Hosting and Content Management System
  • ProjectServer (Microsoft) – Industry Leading Project and Portfolio Management Solution
  • Remote (virtual) Desktop (Microsoft) – Eliminate Security Risks with Zero Local Data
  • RMS (North America) – Property management, reservation, and dining management
  • SharePoint (Microsoft) – Advanced Collaboration and Documentation Management
  • Team Foundation Server (Microsoft) – Website Content Management System
  • UMT360 – Enterprise Portfolio Management Solutions
  • Veritas – Enterprise Vault and Discovery Accelerator
  • WordPress – Website Content Management System

Project Hosts has FedRAMP ISV Programs for Microsoft ISVs and Salesforce ISVs, enabling them to offer their solutions as a FedRAMP compliant cloud service. In addition, Project Hosts has a FedRAMP Agency Authorization Program that is targeted directly to U.S. Government Agencies who want to deploy and manage their own FedRAMP-approved Cloud Solutions. By partnering with Project Hosts, agencies can get their own “Authority To Operate” credentials.