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Virtual Desktop Services

Virtual/Remote Desktop Services

With Microsoft Virtual Desktop technology caregivers can provide a secure access to the information and tools healthcare staff use while reducing the risk of loss of sensitive data.


Patient care Adoption of desktop virtualization is addressing business complexities from securing ePHI to reducing cost of ownership, to improving end user productivity. Security is improved as the data and desktop environment don’t reside on the device when users log off.

Healthcare staff could securely access their user applications and patient records allowing mobility throughout the hospital. Project Hosts’ single sign-on capabilities allow fast, flexible access needed to enable system-wide workflow efficiency. Microsoft Virtual Desktop technology offers secure and remote access for mobile users irrespective of their location.


  • Optimization:  Microsoft Virtual Desktop technology enables staff to work more efficiently with access to information in real-time and ability to share valuable data across the patient caregiving process. It will also guarantee that patient records reflect the most updated information.

  • ePHI Protection: Upon completion of users’ job, the data no longer exists on thin client applications, and erased from the mobile and desktop devices. Therefore, the risk of lost or stolen sensitive data is dramatically diminished.

  • MobilityMicrosoft Virtual Desktop technology allows healthcare staff to access applications remotely whether from hospital, home, or any other point of caregiving.

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