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DoD IL5 Solutions

Project Hosts is one of seven companies to have an IL5 authorization from DISA, and the only one that will manage the IL5 controls for your application.

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Secure Portal
7 Step Process

We ensure all IL5 controls are in place

If you deploy on Azure or AWS, 15% of the IL5 controls are fully covered. You are responsible for the rest. If you deploy on the Project Hosts PJHFPC PaaS, 86% are fully covered by our DISA IL5 PA. We also implement the remaining app-specific controls for you.

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We include built-in VDSS and VDMS

To connect your cloud environment through a CAP to a DoD network, you must have VDSS and VDMS services in place. Project Hosts is the only CSP with a DISA IL5 PA that offers these services for your application.

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We manage the 7 Steps to Connect to a BCAP

Once all the IL5 controls and VDSS and VDMS are in place, there are seven steps to enable the connection through a Boundary Cloud Access Point (BCAP) from the DoD network to your cloud workloads. We help you through these.

See the 7 Steps

We have a proven Track Record

Multiple DoD agencies are using the PJHFPC successfully.

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IL2 Solutions Also Available

Project Hosts also has an environment with an IL2 PA from DISA that is used by a number of DoD agencies for their websites or other workloads not involving CUI or FOUO information.

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